such a sweet simplicity

Cassie. Washington. 17. Fastpitch is my sport. I have an of obsession with maps. I adore the sea and road trips. For recent photos of me clcik on "search" and type in "self". Ask away. (:

Travis Wall. You are the definition of dance bro. What an amazing artist.

Katee and Joshua. Mia Michaels Choreography from season 4. Hometown Glory-Adele.

This performance is one of the only to have made me cry. The raw emotion and connection between the dancers is just insane. It’s like you know what they’re feeling, and you feel it too. When they first looked at their hands at the start of the dance.. I just don’t know. I just can’t stop watching this performance. Wow.

It’s the people like this that know what dance is about. It’s the people like this that make the world a better place. What a beautiful person.

It’s the people like this.